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First Generation

1. Bedford DURHAM was born about 1779 in North Carolina.1,2,3 My analysis of the 1820 Census for Lincoln County, Tennessee:
Bedford Durham - between 26-45 (* Consistent with 1850 Census Lincoln County, Tennessee, shows birth as 1779 - Bedford is 71 years old)
3 males between 0-10 years of age
1 male between 10-16
2 females between 0-10 years of age
1 female (wife?) between ages 26-45 (1775-1794)
I did not find Bedford Durham in the 1830 Census for Lincoln County, Tennessee. I did locate several of his neighbors from the 1820 and 1840 Census, but Bedford was not listed with them (i.e. David Hawkins, Gray Bryant etc.) He may have been missed in the 1830 Census.???
Analysis of the 1840 Census for Lincoln County, Tennessee:
Several Durham listings - ALL LIVING NEXT TO EACH OTHER
Rachel Durham - between 20-30 (most likely a widow of one of the sons)
---one male between 0-5
---one male between 5-10
---one female between 0-5
---one female between 5-10
James Durham - between 30-40 (1800-1810)
---two males between 0-5
---two females between 0-5
---two females between 5-10
---one female (wife?) between 20-30 (1810-1820)
Bedford Durham - between 60-70 (1770-1780) *Consistent with 1850 Census
---one male between 0-5
---two males between 5-10
---one male between 10-15
---four females between 0-5
---one female between 10-15
---two females between 20-30 (The two Females from the 1820 Census, *Indicates that Bedford Durham may have been married before and that Nancy is a 2nd wife)
---one female (wife-Nancy?) between 40-50 (1790-1800) *Consistent with 1850 Census.

Bedford DURHAM and Nancy (UNKNOWN) were married. Nancy (UNKNOWN) was born about 1799 in North Carolina.1 Bedford DURHAM and Nancy (UNKNOWN) had the following children:



James DURHAM was born about 1810 in Tennessee.1 Possibly married Prudence Perdue 31 jan 1835 in Maury County, Tennessee.






Robert DURHAM.



Thomas DURHAM.



Sarah E. DURHAM was born about 1822 in Tennessee. Author: Ancestry.com
Title: OneWorldTree
Publication: Name: The Generations Network, Inc.; Location: Provo, UT, USA;
Name: www.ancestry.com

Page: Database online.
Text: Record for Bedford Durhamnc.), Database online.



Eliza DURHAM was born about 1835 in Tennessee.1