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Delaware (by county)

Daniel Durham, (Mulatto) b. ca 1807, DE; wife: Rebecca, b. ca 1812
Elisha Durham, (Mulatto) b. ca 1794, DE; wife: Priscilla, b. ca 1794
Henry Durham, (Mulatto) b. ca 1813, DE; possibly widowed
Joel Durham, (Mulatto) b. ca 1818, DE; wife: Margaret, b. ca 1816
William Durham, (Mulatto) b. ca 1818, DE; wife: Mahala, b. ca 1822
Benjamin Durham, (Mulatto) b. ca 1823, DE; wife: Sally Ann, b. ca 1828
William Durham, (Mulatto) b. ca 1806, DE; wife: Mary, b. ca 1806
Ann Durham, (Black), b. ca 1821 - living with William Durham, 1806 above)
Jeremiah Durham, (Mulatto) b. ca 1830;

New Castle
Mathew Durham (White), b. ca 1800, DE; wife: Susan, b. ca 1802, DE
William Durham (Mulatto), b. ca 1806, DE; wife: Mary, b. ca 1806, DE
John Durham (Mulatto), b. ca 1815, DE;
Josiah Durham (White), b. ca 1822, DE; wife: Rebecca, b. ca 1825, DE
John J. Durham (White), b. ca 1828, DE; (listed next to Mathew Durham above)