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Illinois (by county)

Frances H. Durham, b. ca 1828, NC; (listed in the household of Lewis M. and Nancy Beaver
Henry Durham, b. ca 1808, KY; m. Edna Lipsey
John Durham, b. ca 1810, KY; m. Margaret (Unknown)
Martha Durham, b ca 1833, IL; (listed in the household of John and Nancy Gorith?)
Polly Durham, b. ca 1814, NC; (listed in the household of James and Emily Lawrence)

Balding Derrum (Durham), b. ca 1809, IL; m. Elizabeth Phipps
Kendrick Durham, b. ca 1812, TN; m. (1) Nancy "Ann" McCaslin, (2) Sarah Bain
Mary (Durham), b. ca 1812, KY; (listed with Nancy, 17; Francis N, 14; John, 7; Mary A.;
William Durham, b. ca 1790, GA (deceased); m. Martha "Patsy" (Unknown)

John Durham, b. ca 1790, VA; m. Mourning Burrus (link)
Walter Durham, b. ca 1812, VA; m. Mary (Unknown) (link)

E. J. Durham, b. ca 1805, NY; m. Sophia (Unknown), b. ca 1809, NY

Rhoda (Durham), b. ca 1825, OH; (listed with children: Alexander, 4; Eliza, 2)
Jeremiah Durham (deceased); m. Sarah (Durham) Cooley, b. ca 1799, KY
Sarah (Durham), b. ca 1820, KY; (listed with children: Samuel, 10; Julia, 5; Isabel, 1)

Mr. Durham, b. ca 1831, ME; (listed in the household of J. M. Wood)
Phillip Durham, b. ca 1800, Canada; m. Mag (Unknown)
S. Durham, b. ca 1804, Canada; m. Mary (Unknown)

Edmund H. Durham, b. ca 1799, NY; m. Catherine (Unknown), b. ca 1802, NY
Henry Durham, b. ca 1798, NY; m. Jane (Unknown), b. ca 1799, NY
(William) R.(Rochester) Durham, b. ca 1827, NY; m. Amelia Godding, b. 1827, England

Silas Durham, b. ca 1792, KY; m. Mary "Polly" Flood, b. ca 1795, Franklin, Indiana

Asa Durham, b. ca 1795, NC; m. Jane (Unkown), b. ca 1801, VA
Thomas L. Durham, b. ca 1820, TN; m. Nancy (Unknown), b. ca 1811, NC

Judge Durham, b. ca 1836, Ohio; (listed in the household of Samuel M and Elizabeth Diabler?)
Mariam Durham, b. ca 1838, Ohio; (listed in the household of Henry and Rachel Leach, next door to Hannah R. Durham)
Shiloh Durham, b. ca 1842, Illinois; (listed in the household of John and Louisa Harland)

Washington Durham, b. ca ??, (deceased 1848); m. Hannah R. (Durham) Schooley, b. ca 1818, Ohio

Calvin Durham, b. ca 1834, Il; (listed in the household of Lowdy Harvel)

G. A. Durham, b. ca 1821, TN; m. Catherine (Unknown), b. ca 1821, TN
Isaac Durham, b. ca 1774, VA; m. Julia (Unknown), b. ca 1873, VA (link)
Mary (Durham), b. ca 1813, VA; (listed with children: Elizabeth, 12; Carrol, 8)
Peter Durham, b. ca 1815, KY; m. Mary H. (Unknown), b. ca 1821, KY

Jo Daviess
Buella E. Durham, b. ca 1837, Illinois; (listed with John Durham, age 11, in the household of Josiah and Margaret Williams)

John S. Durham, b. ca 1825, NY; (listed as "miller" in the household of Nathaniel and Almira Rising)

Arthur E. Durham, b. ca 1827, OH; m. Pheby (Unknown)
James Durham, b. ca 1826, OH; m. Lydia (Unknown)

C. Durham, b. ca 1835, (Unknown); (listed in the household of Illinois D. P. D. Asylum)

John Durham, b. ca 1793, NY; m. Ann (Unknown), b. ca 1797, VT
John Durham, b. ca 1824, NY; m. Mina A. (Unknown), b. ca 1828, VT

Robert Durham, b. ca 1779, NC; m. Agnes Nichols Owen

Abner C. Durham, b. ca 1824, TN; (listed in the household of Alec and Monora Pullum)
Daniel Durham, b. ca 1792, NC; (listed in the household of Ira and Maria Durham) (link)
Ira Durham, b. ca 1804, NC; m. Mariah Carter (link)
Lindsey M. Durham, b. ca 1827, TN; m. Martha Ragsdale (link)
William A. Durham, b. ca 1830, IL; m. Sarah Ann Ragsdale (link)

Andrew Durham, b. ca 1823, VA; m. Midred (Unknown)

Edward H. Durham. b. ca 1822, MD; (listed in the household of John and Mary Durham)
John Durham, b. ca 1811, MD; m. Mary W. (Unknown), b. ca 1819, VA

Thomas Durham, b. ca 1806, SC; m. Mary Brizendine, b. ca 1803, VA

William Durham, b. ca 1769, VA (deceased), m. Jane (Durham) Bailey, b. ca 1770, VA; (Jane Durham is listed in the household of William and Jane Mills) (link)
Pleast (Pleasant) Durham, b. ca 1824, IL; m. Hannah Smith, b. 1826, VA

Josiah Durham, b. ca 1816, NY; m. Sally A. (Unknown), b. ca 1828, PA
Thomas Durham, b. ca 1784, VA; m. Margaret Wyly, b. ca 1796, VA

William G. Durham, b. ca 1826, TN; m. Elizabeth (Unknown), b. ca 1827, TN

Eli Durham, b. ca 1810, Vermont; (listed in the household of Orin and Nancy Goff)