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Kentucky (by county)

Benjamin Durham, ca 1828, KY; m. Mary Elizabeth Sikes (Link)
John G. Durham, b. ca 1813, KY; m. Caroline Thacker (Link)
Henry Durham, b. ca 1767, VA; m. Sarah Conway?? (Link)
Joseph Durham, ca 1811, NC; m. Elizabeth Morgan (Link)
Robert Durham, b. ca 1801, VA; m. Dollie Catherine Ferguson (Link)

Berryman H. Durham, b. ca 1816, NC; m. Elizabeth Renfro (Link)
John Durham, b. ca 1806, NC (deceased); m. Sarah "Sallie" Wines (Link)
Thomas Durham, b. ca 1781, NC; m. Permelia White (deceased) (Link)
Willis (Wines) Durham, b. ca 1834, KY; m. Susan Jane Renfro (Link)

Addison Durham, b. ca 1810; m. (1) Jane Y. Sevier, (2) Martha Mahan (Link)
Benjamin Durham, b. ca 1778, VA (deceased); m. Margaret Robinson (Link)
Benjamin Durham, b. ca 1797, KY; m. Sarah Batise (Link)
James Durham, b. ca 1782, VA (deceased); m. Margaret Whoberry, (widowed) (Link)
James W. (Wesley) Durham, ca 1810, KY; m. Mary Vanschoiak (Link)
John Durham, ca 1774, VA; m. Celia Bonham (Link)
(Joseph) Jonas Durham, b. ca 1820, KY; m. (1) Susan Tucker; (2) Mary Jane Baker; (3) Margaret Elizabeth Tewmey; (4) Rachel Elizabeth Austin; (5) Martha Dexter (Link)

Levi Durham, ca 1816 (deceased); m. Sarah Prewitt (Link)
M. (Milton) J. (Jamison) Durham, b. 1824, KY; m. Martha J. Mitchell (listed as "student" in the household of Beverly D. Williams and wife, Francissa B.; (Link)
Thomas Durham, ca 1776 (deceased); m. Frances Moss, (widowed) (Link)

Phillip H. (Hix) Durham, b. ca 1811, VA; m. Edith "Edey" Haynes (Link)
William Durham, (deceased); m. Polly Hix (Link)

Green W. Durham, b. ca 1826, TN; m. Nancy Minerva Walker (Link)
James W. Durham, b. ca 1825, TN; m. Nancy T. White (Link)
Nelson Durham, b. ca 1804, NC; m. Phoebe (Unknown)

Nathaniel Durham, b. ca 1801, NC; m. Elizabeth (Unknown)

John Durham, b. 1796, VA; m. (1) Celia Perkins, (2) Nancy Lucas (3) Margaret "Peggy" Brown (Link)
Coleman Durham, b. 1823, KY; m. Artimisa Perkins (Link)
James Durham, b. ca 1798, VA; m. Dorinda or "Lucinda" Taylor (Link)

Henry Durham, b. ca 1786, NC; m. Jane Richardson (Link)

James Durham, b. ca 1816, KY; (Listed in a Lunatic Asylum)

Jesse Durham, b. ca 1811, KY; m. Lucy A. (Unknown)

Joseph John Durham, b. ca 1821, TN; m. Elizabeth Henry

Page F. Durham, b. ca 1818, VA; (Blacksmith living at the Grayson Springs Hotel)

James Durham, b. ca 1790, KY; m. Susan Pruitt

Jesse W. Durham, b. ca 1818, KY; m. Harriet Edwards (Link)
Nelson Durham, b. 1815, KY; m. (1) Margaret Dawson, (2) Evaline (Unknown) (Link)
Nancy Durham, b. ca 1800, KY; (Possibly the ex-wife of Nelson Durham, SR, listed in 1840)

Allen W. (Wilson) Durham, b. ca 1811, VA; m. Lucinda Tate Berry (Link)
Samuel Durham, b. ca 1790, KY; m. Sarah (Unknown) (Link)
Jesse C. Durham, b. ca 1826, KY; m. Elizabeth Owens (Link)
John C. Durham, b. ca 1817, VA; m. Jane Hodges (Link)

James Durham, b. ca 1806, NC; m. Patience Anna Simms (Link)

Bartholomew Durham, ca 1818, IN; m. Rachel (Unknown)
Mary Durham, b. ca 1800, VA;

George W. Durham, b. ca 1820, KY; m. Nancy W. Murrain (Link)

John Durham, b. ca 1824, Ireland; (Listed in the household of Thomas and Sophia Proctor)

Malinda (Durham), b. ca 1815; (Listed with daughter "Armina Durham" - one month old.)

Austin Durham, b. ca 1810, TN; m. Arzelia Abner (Link)
James Durham (deceased); m. Francis Booker (Link)
James Durham, b. ca 1798, NC; m. Sally (Unknown)
John S. Durham, b. ca 1808; m. Sarah "Sallie" Evans (Link)
Samuel Durham, b. ca 1815, KY; m. Sarah Elmina Gideon (Link)
William Durham, b. ca 1799; m. Temperance Box, (deceased) (Link)
William Durham, b. ca 1773, SC; m. Catherine Bunton (Link)
William Durham, b. ca 1782, VA; m. Judith Ann Hardin (deceased) (Link)

John Durham, b. ca 1826, KY; (Listed with William Smith)

Thomas Durham, b. ca 1818; m. Susan Mildred Hodgers (Link)

(John) Jabez Durham, b. ca 1812; m. Elizabeth Phillips (Link)
James Durham, b. ca 1813, NC; m. (1) Martha Jane (Unknown); (2) Rebecca Ann Barnett (Link)

John B. (Bascom) Durham, b. 1818, KY; m. Jane Wilson (Link)
Elizabeth (Durham) Wilson, b. 1814, KY; m. John P. Wilson (Link)

James Durham, b. ca 1830, KY; m. Nancy Ann Gaines (Link)
John Durham, b. ca 1812, KY; m. Joanna (Unknown)
William Durham, b. ca 1807, KY; m. Catherine (Unknown)

Isaac Elijah Durham, b. ca 1801, KY; m. Elizabeth Baker Parker (Link)

Eli Durham, b. ca 1830, KY; m. Cynthia Ann Burk (Link)
Jesse Durham (Denham?), b. ca 1807, KY; m. Malinda (Unknown)
Thomas Durham, b. ca 1812, KY; m. Mary "Polly" L. Muse (Link)
William Durham, b. ca 1806, KY; m. (1) Mary Baugh; (2) Sarilda Ramsey (Link)
William Durham, b. ca 1825, KY; m. Edith "Edy" Martin (Link)

Elisha Durham, b. ca 1789, SC; m. Sarah E. (Unknown) (Link)
Hardin Durham, ca 1809, VA; m. Mariah Adams (Link)
William T. Durham, ca 1809, KY; m. Eliza Jane Johnston (Link)
William Durham, ca 1818, KY; m. (1) Elizabeth Baker (2) Minerva, (3) Sarah Scott (Link)

James S. (Samuel) Durham, b. ca 1824, KY; m. Nancy Brockman (Link)
Joel C. Durham, b. ca 1803, KY; m. Lucetta Brockman (Link)
John Durham, b. ca 1793, KY; m. Permelia (Unknown)
Samuel M. (Meredith) Durham, b. 1805, KY; m. Margaret E. Mayes (possibly deceased) (Link)
William S. Durham, b. ca 1816, KY; m. Susan Mary Robinson (Link)
William Durham, b. ca 1788, VA; m. Mary "Polly" Shreve (Link)

John Durham, b. ca 1820, NC; (single in 1850 - "Overseer")

V. (Valentine) C. Durham, b. ca 1808, KY; m. Frances Moss (Link)

Jesse Durham, b. ca 1805; m. Mollie Cox (Link)