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Mississippi (by county)

F.(Francis Marion "Frank") M. Durham, b. ca 1828, GA; m. Emily McDaniel (link)
James J. Durham, b. ca 1825, GA; m. Mary J. C. Oldham (link)
S. (Shelman) Durham, b. ca 1803, GA; m. Susan Simms (link)
William W.(Washington) Durham, b. ca 1828, GA; m. Mary J. (Jane) McKinnon (link)

Lindsey Durham, b. ca 1818, NC; m. Lucy W. (Williamson) Holmes *(Some people show "Lindsey" as "Thomas Lindsey" and others as "William Lindsey")
Seaborn J. (Jones) Durham, b. 1796, GA; m. (1) Nancy Stovall, (2) Mary Chambliss George

Dan'l (Daniel) Durham, b. ca 1829, NC; (listed as "overseer" in the household of Mary Dulaney)
Dudley Durham, b. ca 1806, NC (blacksmith); m. Kizzy (Kessiah) (Unknown)
Ferdinand Durham, b. 1809, NC; m. Susannah Carruthers (link)

C. (Caleb) H. M. Durham, b. ca 1822, KY; m. Matilda Gooch

Benjamin Durham, b. ca 1795, NC; m. Mary Elizabeth Evans (link)

A. S. (Albert Snipes) Durham, b. ca 1816, NC; m. (1) Mary Cleaves, (2) Martha Jane Black (link)
William Durham, b. ca 1815, NC; (Cabinet Workman in the household of William and Elizabeth Hawkins)

Daniel Durham, b. ca 1815, NC; m. Nancy (Unknown) (possibly "Jones")
Nancy (Durham), b. ca 1810, AL; (listed with children: Martha, 12; Robert, 10; Mary, 8; William H., 6; Martin, 4;
Thomas W. Durham, b. ca 1812, NC; m. Mary (Unknown) (link)

Campbell Durham, b. ca 1817, NC; m. Mary E. (Unknown), b. ca 1827, AL

Solomon I. (Isaiah) Durham, b. ca 1826, GA; m. (1) Rhoda Jane Cliett, (2) Elizabeth (Unknown) (link)
William L. (Lindsey) Durham (III), b. ca 1819, NC; m. Mary Moore (link)

Ann (Durham), b. ca 1814, TN; (listed with children: Nancy, 16, and Inna, 14)