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South Carolina (by county)

Anderson Durham, b. ca 1817, SC; m. (1) Sarah Berry, (2) Martha Orr Manning (Link)

Berry Durham, b. ca 1828, SC; m. Jane E. (Unknown) (Link)
Berry "Beary" Durham, b. 1786, VA (deceased); m. Clarissa "Clary" (Unknown), b. ca 1788, VA; (living next to Berry and Jane Durham) (Link)
David Durham, b. ca 1785, SC; m. Dorcas Shands
Miles Durham, b. ca 1816, SC; (listed as "farmer" in the household of Joel A. M. Acker)
William (Berry) Durham, b. ca 1799, SC; m. Lucinda F. Hammond (Link)
William (Cleveland) Durham, b. ca 1815, SC; m. Rebecca Howard

Isaac Durham, ca 1795, SC (deceased); m. Nancy (Unknown) (Link)
Stuart Durham, b. ca 1828, SC; m. Leticia (Unknown) (Link)
William Durham, b. ca 1823, SC; m. Mary (Unknown)

A. (Asbury) K. Durham, b. ca 1830, NC; (listed in household of W. W. and Mary Rollings
Joel (Ross) Durham, b. 1823, SC; m. Rebecca Shed (Link)
John W. (Woodward) Durham, b. 1807, SC; m. Margaret Daniel Turner (Link)
Mary Durham, b. ca 1834, Fairfield County, SC;
Emma Durham, b. ca 1836, Fairfield County, SC;
Robert W. (Winfield) Durham, b. 1784, SC; m. Mosely C. Ross (Link)

Mary Durham, b. ca 1790, SC; (living by herself)

Sarah Durham, b. ca 1832, SC; (listed in the household of Henry and Claddy Thompson)

Allen Derham (Durham), b. ca 1821, SC; m. Rebecca Chambers (Link)
Benjamin "Benj" Derham (Durham), b. ca 1808, SC; m. Emily E. (Unknown) (Link)
Berry Durham, b. ca 1812, SC; m. Nancy E. (Unknown) (Link)
Carter Derham (Durham), b. ca 1823, SC; m. Hannah Anna Alexander (Link)
Charles Derham (Durham), b. ca 1810, SC; m. (1) Mary Barnett, (2) Rebecca Young (Link)
Daniel Derham (Durham), b. ca 1780, VA; m. Gazelle Moody (Link)
Isaac Durham, b ca 1794, SC; m. Frances (unknown) (Link)
Jeremiah Derham (Durham), b. ca 1809, SC; m. Mary (Unknown) (Link)
Joseph Derham (Durham), b. ca 1807, SC; m. Elizabeth Alexander (Link)
William J.(Johnson) Durham, b. ca 1824, SC; m Eliza Roe (Link)

James Durham, b. ca 1808, SC; (living by himself)
Thomas Durham, b. ca 1820, SC; (listed with John Durham, age 28, and Morning Durham, age 20?)

James (Singleton) Durham, b. ca 1805, NC; m. (1) Charlotte Murphy, (2) Cynthia Janette Hames (Link)