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Pennsylvania (by county)

Amy Durham, b. ca 1820, PA; (listed in the household of Nathan Hammond)
Catherine (Durham), b. ca 1780, PA; (listed as "70" in the household of Nathan Hammond)

Donnan? Durham, b. ca 1817, PA; ("carpenter" listed in household of Mines? and Ellen Taylor)

Catherine Durham, b. ca 1822, England; (listed in a "hotel" in West Chester, PA)
Cyrus Durham, b. ca 1831, PA; (listed in household of Owen and Sarah Good)
George Durham, b. ca 1839, PA; (listed in household of John and Sarah Thomas)
George Derham, b. ca 1821, England; (listed as "shoemaker" - living on his own)
H. Durham (female), b. ca 1798, PA; (listed in household of Samuel and Malinda Porson)
James M. Dorham (Durham), b. ca 1807, PA; m. Elizabeth (Unknown)
John Durham, b. 1813, DE; m. Mary Stone, b. 1815, PA
Parker Derham, b. ca 1776, DE; m. Mary Broomall

James Derham, b. 1776, Delaware; m. Moore (Unknown)
Perry Derham, b. ca 1827, Pennsylvania; m. Hannah (Unknown)(listed next to James and Moore Derham)

Edward Durham (black), b. ca 1816, DE; m. Angeline (Unknown)
Gideon Durham (Dunn?), b. ca 1797, PA; m. Hannah (Unknown)
Peter Durham (black), b. ca 1812, DE; (listed in the household of Edward Durham, above)

B. R. Durham, b. ca 1800, NY; m. Maria (Unknown), b. ca 1800, NY

John F. Franklin, b. ca 1838, PA; (listed in household of W. C. and Elizabeth Liebert)

Nelson Derham, b. ca 1837, PA; (listed in the household of Robert Yocum)

Moses Derham, b. 1801, Maryland; m. Catherine (Unknown), b. 1806, Pennsylvania

James Durham, b. ca 1785, PA; m. Nancy Corry, b. ca 1794, PA (Link)
John Durham, b. ca 1832, PA; ("carpenter" listed in the household of John and Margaret Hontz)
Joseph (James) Durham, b. ca 1815, PA; m. Margaret (Unknown), b. ca 1818, PA (Link)
William Durham, b. ca 1790, PA; m. Mary (Unknown), b. ca 1801, PA

Elijah Durham (bartender), b. ca 1824, DE; m. Lydia (Unknown) (Link)
Isaac Derham, b ca 1780, Ireland; m. Margaret (Unknown)
John Durham, b. ca 1819, Ireland; (listed iwth William Durham, age 34; Sarah Durham, age 54; Mary Webb, age 19)
Margaret (Durham), b. ca 1830, Ireland; (listed with son, James T. Durham, 4 months and Richard Durham, age 25) (Link)
Mary Durham, b. ca 1778, New Jersey; (living by herself)
Thomas Durham, b. ca 1824, Prld?; (listed with John Briggs and Jane Durham)
Samuel Durham, b. ca 1809, Pennsylvania; m. Jane (Unknown) b. ca 1809, Delaware
Sarah Durham, b. ca 1796, Delaware; (head of household with Samuel Durham, age 19 living with her)
Sarah Durham, b. ca 1796, Ireland; (listed in the household of John Durham, b. ca 1819 - Hotel)

Ezra Durham, b. ca 1800, PA ("steward" in a boarding house); m. Mary (Unknown), b. ca 1802, PA

Sylvester L. Durham, b. ca 1824, PA; m. Helen M. (Unknown), b. ca 1828, PA

John Durham (black), b. ca 1800, PA; m. Mary (Unknown), b. ca 1810, PA
Sarah Durham (black), b. ca 1838, PA; (listed in household of William and Elizabeth Patton)

Alpha Durham, b. ca 1805, NY (not living with Elizabeth???); m. Elizabeth (Durham) Brown Riggs, b. ca 1836, NJ
B. F. Durham, b. ca 1830, PA; ("merchant", listed in the household of Allen Lott)