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Ohio (by county)

Edwin Durham, b. ca 1833, Ohio; (listed in the household of Gideon B. and Sophia Webb)
Silas Durham, b. ca 1791, NY; m. Laura (Unknown)

Daniel Durham, b. ca 1814, OH; m. Fanny (Unknown)
Elizabeth (Durham), b. ca 1783, Michigan; (listed as "head" of household with Sarah Burnaugh
Jeremiah Durham, b. ca 1834, OH; (listed with Joshua below, in household of Samuel and Margaret Thompson)
John Durham, b. ca 1805, OH; m. (1) Louise Webb, (2) Charlotte Ferrill (link)
Joshua Durham, b. ca 1820, OH; m. Nancy (Unknown)
Joshua Durham, b. ca 1830, OH; (blacksmith - listed in household of Samuel and Margaret Thompson)
Lewis Durham, b. ca 1838, OH; (listed in the household of Leonard Windsor)
Nathaniel Durham, b. ca 1818, OH; m. Mary (Unknown)
Sarah A. (Durham), b. ca 1832, OH; (listed with Alizanna Durham, 2 months old, in the household of Alphus and Nancy McDaniel)
Stephen Durham, b. ca 1816, OH; m. Eliza P. (Unknown)
Warren Durham, b. ca 1827, OH; m. Caroline Troy (link)

Martin Durham, b. ca 1824, Ireland;

Jacob Durham, b. ca 1820, Ohio; (listed with Elizabeth Durham, b. ca 1796, VA - possibly "mother"); m. Elmira Jane Stanton; (link)
William Durham, b. ca 1825, Ohio; m. (1) Hannah Williams; (2) Alice (Unknown) (link)

Harrison Durham, b. ca 1820, Ohio; m. Phoebe (Unknown)
Ralph Durham, b. ca 1794, VA; m. Elizabeth (Unknown), b. ca 1794, VA;

Jonas Durham (Dunham?), b. ca 1800, NJ; m. Rachel (Unknown)

Aquilla Durham, b. ca 1780, MD; m. Harriet Thompson (link)
Aquilla Durham, b. ca 1820, OH; m. Sarah (Unknown) (link)
Catherine (Durham), b. ca 1807, NJ; (children: William, 18; Thomas G., 16; Otto, 8; Mary L., 3)
Howard Durham, b. ca 1829, NJ; (listed as "shoemaker" - living next to William Durham, below)
J. Durham, b. ca 1800, MD; m. Elizabeth (Unknown)
John Durham, b. ca 1826, OH; m. Elizabeth (Unknown) (link)
Samuel Durham, b. ca 1828, OH; m. Lucinda (Unknown) (link)
Sarah (Durham), b. ca 1798, Massachusetts; (listed with son James, living next to Samuel Durham) (link)
Walker Durham, b. ca 1848, OH; (listed as 2 years old in the household of M. and Mary Long)
William Durham, b. ca 1824, (Unknown); (listed in the household of Charles and Mary Ratcliff)
William Durham, b. ca 1811, NJ; m. Letitia (Unknown)
Winfield Scott Durham, b. ca 1817, OH; m. (1) Narcissa Wilmington, (2) Ellen Williams (link)

Anthony Durham, b. ca 1815, Germany; m. Margaret (Unknown), b. Germany

Smith Durham, b. ca 1777, NY (teacher); m. Betsy (Unknown)

William Durham, b. ca 1837, Ohio; (listed with Nicholas Durham, age 8, in the household of John and Mary Saypole)
Nicholas Durham, b. ca 1842, Ohio; (listed with William Durham, age 13, in the househod of John and Mary Saypole)

Emily Durham, b. ca 1826, Ohio; (listed in household of Isaiah and Sarah Kincaid)

Sylvester Durham, b. ca 1820, NY; m. Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth (Durham), b. ca 1813, Ohio;
Jacob Durham, b. ca 1836, Ohio; (listed in household of David and Elizabeth Cardiff)
John Derham (Durham), b. ca 1759, NC;
Joseph Derham (Durham), b. ca 1805, VA;
Rebecca (Durham), b. ca 1817, Ohio; (listed with children in household of John Castle)
Samuel Durham, b. ca 1843, Ohio; (listed in the household of Samuel and Elizabeth Chester)

Jacob Durham, b. ca 1783, VA; m. Martha (Unknown) (link)
Marshall Durham, b. ca 1819, VA; m. Catherine (Unknown) (link)
Thomas Durham, b. ca 1822, VA; m. (Narcissa) Jane (Unknown) (link)

William D. Durham, b. ca 1821, NY; m. Elvira (Unknown) (link)

Ann Durham, b. ca 1822, Ohio; (listed in household of David Fisher)
Jeremiah Durham, b. ca 1824, PA; m. Maria (Unknown)

Joseph Durham, b. ca 1826, Ohio; m. Anna (Unknown), b. ca 1829, PA (both listed in the household of Russell Thope)

A. O. Durham, b. ca 1812, NY; m. Mary (Unknown)
Charles Durham, b. ca 1830, Scotland; (listed as "Potash Boiler" in household of William and Margaret Johnson

Richard Durham, b. ca 1784, Delaware; m. Hannah (Unknown), b. 1782, New Jersey;